The New Email Rules

Do you feel like the email never stops?

Do you have problems finding things in your inbox because you are sifting through hundreds or thousands of messages?

Do you miss emails all together or are late replying to things?

Do you feel like you are always busy but not really accomplishing anything?

According to this Huffington Post article, the average worker spends upwards of 6.3 hours per day in email!

What is that costing you and your business?

The New Email Rules is a short course that shows you why and how we end up with so much email and teaches you practical strategies on what we can do about it. It challenges you to think differently about handling your email communications and gives you step-by-step walk throughs on each lesson.

Demo's are shown on GSuite/GMail (which is recommended), but the principals can be applied to any email program.

This is a mix of mindset training and practical how-to instruction.


  • 6 Quick training videos: I will tell you WHY it’s important that we need to change our mind about email and how it’s harming our businesses. 
  • I will show you the main set-up hacks to speed up your processes in email, so your inbox is a well-oiled machine. 
  • I will show you the email triage system I use. And I will show you how to get to Inbox Zero in less than 30 minutes….today.
  • Notes for all videos - No need to take notes, I have the main points written for you to reference and refer to.
  • Google Search Operator Cheat Sheet - this baby saves TONS of time and plus I add the operators for the star systems which are hard to find online.
  • Lifetime updates for as long as the course is live.

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What's included?

6 Videos
7 PDFs
1 Audio
Brooke Simmons
Brooke Simmons
Chief Ideas Person at Green Door Virtual Solutions

About the Instructor

I love putting together custom pieces of operational systems for clients that work and help streamline, deliver a polished image and have their business run smoothly. We also have an incredible team here that will meet most, if not all of your business needs.

When I’m not working, I’m experimenting in the garden, blogging, riding horses, hiking or learning to fly. I'm currently working towards obtaining my Private Pilot's License.

I look forward to virtually meeting you!